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In May 2009, the Illinois General Assembly passed a law allowing restricted businesses, such as truck stops and bars with liquor licenses, to set up online video gaming machines on their premises. The bill was hotly debated, and it remains controversial. And, because of this controversy, the law is accompanied by a vast and strict regulatory scheme.

What Illinois Video Gaming Means for Establishment Owners

Illinois video gaming presents both opportunities and challenges for Chicago establishment owners. On the one hand, the law creates the potential for revenue and new ways to attract business. On the other hand, it creates a whole host of new responsibilities. Establishments must follow numerous laws and regulations in order to get approved by the gaming board and to maintain their right to continue operating gaming machines on their premises.

The legal issues of Illinois gaming can get complicated. In addition to trying to follow the complex set of rules and regulations promulgated by the state, each municipality is allowed some leeway in imposing regulations on video gaming within their boundaries. In fact, under Illinois law, municipalities have the option of banning video gaming outright. Our firm and its staff have experience with Illinois video gaming law and can assist establishments in complying with these requirements.

Answers to Questions about Illinois Video Gaming Laws

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