Hoffman Estates Contract Dispute Lawyer

Legal Representation in Drafting and Litigating Contracts in Schaumburg and Palatine

The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. has experience representing clients on both the litigation and transactional side of contract law. Both litigation and transactional contract issues require a level of sophistication that goes beyond mere legal knowledge. For instance, helping a client draft something as seemingly simple as a promissory note may require a great deal of understanding of the surrounding financial circumstances of the transaction that is the subject of the instrument.

In drafting a promissory note, one must be aware of tangential issues such as usury laws as well as the client’s financial situation. Does a client want to draft a note that anticipates payment from a corporate entity with no assets? Should a personal guarantee be sought or is one allowable under Illinois law?

These are the kind of questions we ask before assisting clients with contract issues. This kind of effective approach to representing contract clients only comes about by dealing with different types of contracts in a myriad of situations.

Our firm has assisted clients with a broad array of contract problems, such as negotiating and renegotiating leases, promissory notes, buy-sell agreements, etc. While our practice often concentrates on issues related to property owners, we are equipped to deal with contract disputes unrelated to property development.

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