Chicago Collections Law Firm for Judgment Creditors

Many victorious litigants assume that once they have won a judgment in court, that they will be paid the money that they are owed. Unfortunately, this is not the case. In fact, winning a judgment is often just the beginning. Collecting a judgment can be very laborious and sometimes fruitless. Judgment debtors can take advantage of all sorts of schemes, both legal and illegal, to avoid paying a judgment. Although collection is one of the most challenging areas of law, victorious litigants often want to pursue judgments anyway.

A collection effort may or may not be a wise decision. We can use our experience to advise you as to whether a collection effort is in your best economic interests. In those situations where there is a legitimate chance of success, the Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. can assist you in collecting your judgment.

Collecting Judgments

When a collection effort is advisable, the Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. can help you decide which tools to use to collect your judgment. In Illinois, Judgment creditors can make use of wage garnishments, citations to discover assets, third party citations, etc. Contact us at the Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. today to schedule a free consultation.

Chicago Collections Law Firm for Landlords

Managing property in Chicago can be a double-edged sword. When the real estate market is strong and tenants pay their rent on time, property management and development can be a financially rewarding enterprise. But, as the recent financial crisis has demonstrated, even the slightest turn in the market can leave tenants unable to pay rent and landlords struggling to pay taxes, mortgages, maintenance costs, etc.

In a bad market, it is important to have counsel to help you collect from tenants for nonpayment of rent and holdover situations. The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. understands the financial pressures that property managers come under when tenants stop paying rent. The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. has experience assisting property owners and managers in recovering rent and fees that are past due. Let us help you with your collection needs.