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The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. offers legal solutions for landlords, condo associations, property managers, real estate developers, trust and estate makers and many other clients. Whether you are a large management company, an individual investor or a retiring professional who wants guidance on how to purchase a Chicago property or create a living trust, the Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. can help.

Real Estate

Chicago property investment can be a remunerative enterprise. But, developers and purchasers of both commercial and residential property need sound legal advice from a thorough attorney who understands real estate transactions. We can assist with:

  • Writing and reviewing contracts;
  • Resolving title issues; and
  • Completing real estate closings.

Landlord / Tenant / Condominium

Whether you manage a large commercial development or own a small residential complex, we can help you draft leases, deal with disputes with tenants and unit owners, pursue evictions, collect judgments and association dues, and deal with many other landlord/tenant/condo association issues. Our firm has helped landlords and associations navigate the complexities of hundreds of Chicago and suburban evictions (both residential and commercial). We have a thorough understanding of the eviction process and can assist you in obtaining an eviction as quickly as possible under the current law.


Illinois contract law encompasses a great deal of issues. It is important to have the assistance of an attorney that understands the vastness and complexities of Illinois contract law. We can assist clients with a variety of contract issues including those outside the area of real estate law. Our firm has experience dealing with cases that involve breaches of promissory notes and other contracts. Our seasoned Chicago contract dispute lawyers can help you design, negotiate and enforce contracts.


Collecting money is one of the more challenging tasks of litigation. Winning a judgment is often just half the battle. Due to bankruptcy and other debtor protections, judgment debtors are often uncollectible or in such a position that makes a creditor collection effort costly and impractical. We can advise you as to the likelihood of success in a collection action. In cases where a collection effort is advised, we can help you proceed with the appropriate application of remedies such as wage deductions or citations to discover assets.


The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. has helped many landlords navigate the complexities of hundreds of Chicago and Suburban evictions (residential, commercial and condominium). We can help you get through this process as quickly and painlessly as the law will allow.

Trusts and Estates

One of the most important goals of our practice is to assist the retiring "baby-boomer" generation in their efforts to secure their wealth for the benefit of their family and loved ones through trust and estate planning. The Law Office of Brian Krause, P.C. works with an experienced staff in serving the needs of clients in this very crucial area of the law.

General Practice

Although the Law Office of Brian Krause, P.C. focuses much of its efforts on property law matters, the firm does have considerable experience in many different areas of the law. We serve clients in a substantial amount of general practice matters. For those areas of the law that require a special focus, we can help you with finding a referral.

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