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Cook County Men's Rights Defense Lawyer

Defense Attorney for Men Accused of Sexual Misconduct or Domestic Abuse in Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg

Hoffman Estates Men's Rights Defense Lawyer

A mere allegation of domestic violence or sexual misconduct can have an immediate impact on your reputation and your life. A conviction, including one for violating an order of protection, can affect your employment opportunities because it will appear on criminal background checks run by employers, landlords, and others. Such charges can be used against you in child custody proceedings to limit your parenting time and decision-making authority. Judges may also consider allegations of domestic violence in divorce proceedings, awarding a victimized spouse a greater share of marital property based on their health, employability, and needs, in accordance with Illinois law 750 ILCS 5/503(d)(8).

At the law office of The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C., we understand that disputes between spouses and intimate partners can sometimes spiral out of our control in an instant, causing us to say or do things we regret. One such incident should not be allowed to ruin the rest of your life. In other cases, allegations may be trumped up by a vindictive ex or a spouse trying to gain an edge in a bitter divorce or child custody battle. Whatever your circumstances, you need attorney Brian Krause, who is willing to stand strong for you, advocate for your side of the story and look out for your best interests.

Attorney Krause has over a decade of experience in legal practice in Hoffman Estates and the surrounding suburbs of Cook County. In recent years, he has noted an increased need for men to have a lawyer who can forcefully advocate for their right to due process when accused of misconduct toward women.

Protecting the Rights of Men in Cook County

The law office of The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. is prepared to defend clients in cases such as:

  • Sexual harassment, including violations of Title VII, which applies to discrimination in the workplace, and Title IX, which applies to discrimination in educational institutions. Sexual harassment is primarily a matter of civil law, involving financial penalties for an employer or educational institution and employment-related penalties such as termination for individual employees who commit the offense. However, when an employee's or student's behavior crosses the line into physical battery or nonconsensual sexual abuse, it becomes a crime.
  • Domestic battery, including order of protection defense.
  • Criminal sexual abuse or criminal sexual assault.
  • Allegations of student sexual misconduct which result in disciplinary action by their school and/or criminal charges.
  • Harassment by telephone or electronic communications.
  • Statutory rape involving an individual who presented as being at least 17 years old.

We also support men in matters of divorce, including parenting time and child support disputes.

Thoughtful investigation can be key to these types of high-emotion cases. You can count on Attorney Krause to drill down into the details to expose contradictions and half-truths in victim, witness, and police statements.

Misdemeanor Criminal Defense Lawyer in Hoffman Estates

The law office of The Law Office of Brian M. Krause, P.C. provides effective and affordable legal assistance to clients in Cook County including the communities of Hoffman Estates, Rolling Meadows, Schaumburg, Streamwood, Barrington, South Barrington, Hanover Park, and Chicago. Contact us in our Hoffman Estates office at 630-388-8253.

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