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Scientific research and advances in medical technology, along with a more complete understanding of human health and physiology are helping Americans live longer, more productive lives than past generations. Living longer is usually a good thing, but it often creates the need to address a person's quality of life. For most individuals, addressing quality of life concerns requires deliberate and intentional planning. Brian M. Krause is dedicated to helping senior citizens throughout Northern Illinois with their most pressing issues.

Experienced Counsel for Elder Law Concerns in Streamwood

Getting older is simply a part of life, and as a person ages, it becomes increasingly important for them to make arrangements designed to protect themselves and their family. Dealing with these types of issues can be overwhelming, but a skilled attorney can help eliminate some of the stress and uncertainty. The knowledgeable team at our firm can help with matters of estate planning, including wills, trusts, and other instruments that protect a person's assets and legacy.

We also provide guidance in creating powers of attorney for healthcare and finances. A power of attorney allows an elderly person to appoint an agent to make decisions on their behalf in the event that they are unable to do so for themselves. It is important to select the right person and to assign him or her the appropriate responsibilities to ensure that the senior's best interests are fully protected.

Rolling Meadows Guardianship Considerations

Under Illinois law, guardianship of an adult can only be obtained if the adult is found to be disabled or incapacitated and in need of assistance. A person interested becoming the guardian must initiate the proceedings, but it is possible for an aging individual to prepare for such a situation. A senior has the right to nominate a prospective guardian and to lay the groundwork for that person to assume responsibility if the need should arise.

Our firm also assists the family members and loved ones of older individuals who became incapacitated without any plans in place. We recognize how difficult it can be to ensure that an aging loved one receives the care and attention they need, and we have the tools and resources to help.

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