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Illinois College Campus Sexual Abuse Defense Lawyer

Defense Attorney for Students Accused of Sex Crimes in Rolling Meadows and Schaumburg

Illinois College Campus Sexual Abuse Defense Lawyer

Relationship drama, lack of impulse control, alcohol, a desire for attention, failure to consider consequences … all of these factors and more can cause high school and college students to make poor choices. We have all heard about high school students who texted nude photos to a friend, only to find the photos broadly disseminated or posted online. About students being sexually harassed to the point that their school qualifies as a hostile environment. About sexual assaults.

But we have also heard about false allegations of sexual harassment or assault that resulted in substantial damage to the accused student. Colleges may act too swiftly to suspend or otherwise punish the accused to avoid possible Title IX violations. Law enforcement officials file criminal charges. The wrongly accused suffer setbacks in their education, psychological trauma, and blemishes on their criminal record that take time and effort to clear.

Brian M. Krause understands that youth and sex are an explosive combination. Thus, while most accusations of on-campus sexual assault or harassment are fact-based, some are exaggerated or completely false. When a young person is accused of this type of misconduct, it is crucial to retain a lawyer to safeguard the rights of the accused, ensure that a proper investigation is done, and works to minimize the consequences on their life.

Attorney Krause will go to work immediately to protect your student from overly harsh treatment by both their school and the police. In more than a decade of legal practice, attorney Krause has developed a particular sensitivity to issues involving men's rights. He understands that any hint of sexual misconduct can have long-lasting repercussions and will take every precaution to protect a young person's reputation and future.

On-Campus Sex Abuse Charges Can Be Serious

In Illinois, the Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act requires all colleges and universities to adopt a comprehensive policy concerning sexual violence, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. The policy must provide procedures for students to report violations of the policy and for the school to respond.

When a student accuses another student of sexual misconduct, the consequences can be serious. A student victim may pursue a complaint through the school's disciplinary process and/or through the police. A victim may also seek a court order of protection or pursue a civil action for damages.

Aside from nonconsensual or forcible sex crimes, a student in Illinois can be charged with criminal offenses such as:

  • Sexual exploitation of a minor under age 17, defined as lewd exposure for sexual gratification, in person or via webcam, of the minor to the offender or of the offender to the minor.
  • Posting an image of a person under age 18, even if fully clothed, on a pornographic website without the minor's consent.
  • Distribution of harmful material, such as sexual images, to a person under age 18, which includes creation and transmission of such images via a cell phone or other device.
  • Distribution by a minor of an indecent image of another minor through a computer or electronic communication device, commonly referred to as juvenile sexting.

If you are a student or the parent of a student facing school or criminal charges related to a sexual accusation, attorney Brian M. Krause has the experience and focus to handle your case through to a successful outcome.

Student Sexual Abuse and Harassment Defense Lawyer in Hoffman Estates

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